“What might’ve been a merely inspiring tale is also troubling and soul-baring and brave….This extraordinary coach has helped hundreds of young men face up to their fears; with this book, he is courageously facing his own.”

—Tracy J. Gates, Squeaky Feet blog, February 2011

“Few books I have read in my life have stirred such a strong emotional response in me….This is a story of pressure, passion, courage and victory. This is a human story and is less about squash and more about what it takes to successfully lead a bunch of young men to overcome their fears and achieve greatness….This is an epic story that will be told for generations.”

Brett’s Squash Blog, January 2011

“It is amazing, educating and inspiring. It truly is a book with something for everyone…This is a story of humanness, community, family and the search for excellence.”

Professional Sports Psychology Symposium Blog, December 2010

“This is a remarkable story of a remarkable man, “coach,” as he is called by his players. This is a book about the true meaning of what it means to make sacrifices for your passions in life….I applaud this book immensely because it seems, probably like many who will read it, a book about being human.”

Squash Dashers & Bashers Blog, December 2010

“Comes with life lessons that exceed expectation.”

The Daily Beast, November 2010

“This book is a much bigger book than simply a squash book, or a book about coaching. That’s why I would recommend it without qualification for anyone who is a squash fan, a sports fan, a person interested in the philosophy of life, or a parent. Particularly a parent.”

The Squashist, November 2010

Run to the Roar is one of those rare sports books, like Michael Lewis’s Moneyball, that quite effortlessly start you thinking about life far beyond the confines of the sport itself. Assaiante provides a lesson in twenty-first-century global psychology. He describes how he turned athletes from nineteen countries and every continent on the globe except Antarctica, all of them ambitious and many of them hot-dogging egotists, into brotherly-loving, team-spirited, one-for-all-and-all-for-one creatures within their own ranks . . . and implacable warriors on the court.”

—Tom Wolfe, from the Foreword

“Winning is difficult. To win all the time is amazing. In Run to the Roar Paul Assaiante shares with us the passion, preparation, and execution necessary to be an incredible winner. It is certainly a read worth savoring.”

—Mike Krzyzewski

“We get an inside look at Paul Assaiante’s winning attitude, his commitment to excellence, and his formula for creating champions on and off the court.”

—Billie Jean King

“The genius of Paul Assaiante is not what he understands about squash, which is spectacular enough, but what he understands about people. Reading this book he wrote with James Zug will make you better at something. Maybe squash. Likely life.”

—Michael Bamberger, senior writer, Sports Illustrated

“Assaiante knows how to tap into the winner inside each of his players. The gripping story of his team’s victory is a testament to the power of truly inspired leadership. When his players come together and face their fears head-on, the sky is the limit!”

—Kenny Dichter, founder and CEO, Marquis Jet

Coaching to Overcome Fear